Packing Decorative Items 101


Moving can be so stressful on its own.  On top of it if you have many fragile, collectible items like myself, you have to worry about your items making it to the new place safely.

Shopping List: Boxes of all shapes and sizes! Try to collect recycled amazon boxes, flat-rate boxes or shoe boxes for smaller items prior to packing. Bubble wrap-small and large. Foam Cushion Wrap. Recycled newspaper, plain newsprint.  Packing table & a few pairs of scissors (mine always went missing!) A few bottles of wine!

First, I collect like items or items of similar weight/material.

Next I lay sweaters, blankets, towels, other soft items that also need to be packed in the bottom of the fragile boxes to add additional padding

Then I wrap each item first in plain newsprint (especially china to prevent newspaper ink from rubbing off) then I use recycled newspaper and bubble wrap over the top if necessary. Place each item in a plastic shopping bag to prevent newspaper from rubbing off on clothing uses as additional padding.

For smaller/fragile items like crystal stemware, I wrap these and place them in a small box or shoe box and then place the small boxes into a larger box

I also do this for plates.  I wrap each plate Individually.  Envelopes with bubble wrap inside are perfect for this as are foam cushion wrap.  And put them in small, flat mailing boxes and stack the boxes in larger boxes.  Plates should be stacked in boxes vertically.  The pressure of packing them stacked may cause them to break.

Heavy items are placed towards the bottom of the box and lighter items are put on top.

Then I use more clothing pieces, scarves, towels, etc to cushion individual items before sealing the boxes.

I use smaller-paper ream boxes for books because anything larger can get too heavy.

Finally, label boxes with contents to help with unpacking.  Note heavy or fragile boxes so that movers know how to arrange them on the truck.

Now, enjoy a glass of wine.  The hard work has just begun!

I found that using these tips makes it easier to unpack, saving you time as well as preventing items from arriving to their new home broken!



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