Upper East Side Apartment Inspiration

Erica and I are embarking on a new chapter.  We have decided it’s time to move out of our Bushwick bungalow.  Erica has made her home in Ridgewood, Queens and I’ll be on the Upper East side.  As I am packing up my belongings, (carefully of course…post to come!) I’ve been thinking about spaces and designers that have inspired me and how this can be reflected in my new apartment.  One particular designer that came to mind was Darryl Carter.  We visited Darryl Carter Inc. earlier this year during our trip to Washington, D.C.  His shop and studio has a quiet elegance reflected through curated furnishings, an eclectic mix of neutral textures and natural elements.

I am inspired by his way of thought on display as quoted by One Kings Lane: “There is not a lot of distance between something having interest and too many of the same things creating visual chaos,” says Darryl, reiterating his reigning sensibility for the simple and the sophisticated. “I am not a fan of clutter. I like objects that have a certain beauty or utility.”



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